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Johann Piedras

Machine Learning Engineer

Is anyone else concerned with the amount of money that is being spent by the US Government? Today a new budget has passed the housed of representatives. I saw this new and immediately felt “something”. So lets investigate this piece of news. 

The first part of my investigation is searching for a source. I tried to not take a lot of time doing this because I figured it’ll be relatively easy to find… but of course it was not. 

But I did find out how the budget comes to ACTUALLY pass. Thanks to for giving me a quick breakdown. Seems like the budget is far from being passed, with it missing an important step, the passing in the senate, then it being signed by the President. Is that something the President really wants to pass RIGHT now? Right when from my point of view, the general public is not in favor of such budgeting? Especially given that inflation is high, cost of living has generally increased?

Anyways, back to finding the source, I once again did not find anything in my second humble attempt, but I did find a youtube channel that has live stream recording of the House of Appropriations Committee budget hearing.

A source has been located. has the names of the Reps. that voted for the bill number. Now I have a reference to the bill that I can cross search!

For an additional amount for “Economic Support Fund”, $7,899,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2025: Provided, That of the total amount provided under this heading in this Act, $7,849,000,000 shall be for assistance for Ukraine, which may include budget support

Found the bill and skimmed through it. My take away, I am desensitized to seeing MILLIONS, and BILLIONS being allocated towards something. Now I am interested to see what/how does the money actually come about. 


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